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Not so good news and silver linings

August 29th, 2019 at 11:33 am

So when I went behind the stairs to pull out some paint to take to the county disposal I discovered a little bit of mold. We told the agent to told the buyer and they came to look and withdrew their offer. It's not fun but there are worse things to deal with. The paint and etc is gone and they county didn't even charge us. I cut out the mold in the drywall (the floor wasn't wet so I think it was from when there was a renter in the house). I discovered where we believe some water has come through (it's been a very wet summer) and I'm glad to have the chance to repair it. We close on the new house next Wednesday (6 days away) so we're moving forward with that but not putting the old house back on the market yet because we don't want to deal with viewings while we move out. We will do the move and then get it back up probably the week after.

Sliver linings:

We were going to have a 5 day window to move everything out and clean the house...now we have more time.

We were going to delay celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary until after the move. Now we can do it on the day.

Everyday later for closing on the old house allows us to pay less capital gains tax. I just want to make sure we get rid of it before the snow flies...

**We also have someone who heard through the grapevine that the sale fell through and who has a sister in the neighborhood who is requesting a viewing even though the house isn't officially on the market. That happens tonight.

21 days - hard to believe

August 14th, 2019 at 09:44 am

This summer has been a LONG slog to finding a new home to purchase, packing, getting our current home ready to put on the market and selling. We have three weeks to go to start the transition. We have about 5 days between the close on the first place and the close on the second. We're going to stay over in a hotel near where we will do the closing (and pre-signing for the old property). We decided to do this because it will just be simpler. Tuesday night we will pack up both vehicles with our mattress (it can fold up and be shoved in the truck - benefits to foam) and pack minimal necessities. We are going to stay in the hotel so we can get up and not have to drive an hour in commuter traffic to get to the office. Once closing is done we can move in the bed and etc and then I will have to go to work. I don't get many days off that I can choose (I'm in education) so I only took 1/2 personal day (of the 2 I get all year). Each night after work on Wed, Thur and Fri I will rush back to the old house to pack up more things to bring to the new house. Our storage container will be picked up from the old house on Thursday and delivered to the new house, Saturday we will have movers help us unload. We have three floors and no place to park so there's going to be a bit of a walk to get our stuff in. I sure hope the weather will be decent! Friday night is our 2 year wedding anniversary and depending on where we are with the move, we might celebrate or we might push it off until the following week.

If everything goes right, we will be ok despite paying a capital gains tax of $18,000 or so. We will figure out a way to get the emergency funds slowly but surely back up to where we want it but it will be ok. After that's set, I'm looking forward to planning travel and etc, which we delayed much this summer.

Next year should be lovely...as we will have a pool to be in at our new place!