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change of routine

August 17th, 2015 at 06:58 am

I'm coming back from a irregular summer with lots of fun and a little bit of work. I'm going to be working for this week and then I'm off of work. I'm going to be on sabbatical until late next spring, financially this means I'll be earning 80% of my wage.

This summer was wild, I had lots of fun and travels. It was wonderful and it was easy to go with the flow because I knew it was "the summer". Typically, fall comes and school starts and I have to slow down.

This fall is different, I'm going to be setting my own schedule and dictating my own list of things to do. I've got a lot on my schedule including going to the gym regularly, eating fresh and healthy food and working on some of my personal self improvement issues. I will also hopefully be finishing a 2nd degree which will also include study abroad. The plan is New Zealand for a month, 2 weeks through the school program and the rest on my own. Anyone have any connections to New Zealand? Tips and suggestions?