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September 25th, 2017 at 02:26 pm

Partner and I got married almost 3 weeks ago. My gift to her was our honeymoon and we decided to head to FL for a short cruise (neither one of us has been on one before)and a few nights at an expensive South Miami Beach ocean front balcony room. Except, I'm guessing you know what happened a few weeks ago. Hurricane Irma had other plans. I'm grateful that I had travel insurance(third party tripinsurance.com) which was nice security for me but it turned out that because of the hurricane everything was reimbursed or replaced. The only think I'm waiting for is the cruise to reimburse like they said...within three weeks which is some time this week. The airline indicated on their website that they would change flights up to a 300 round trip without additional charges except that would only take us to Orlando and I was a bit worried about that so we called them. Using the automatic call back instead of waiting on hold, they finally called us back within 45 minutes of our wedding and we decided to go to Phoenix and rent a car to head to Sedona. It was a lovely time and nice enough to replace our beach honeymoon.

As far as our wedding, we held it in a mansion library and it was small, just 20 family and friends(my son and his GF flew back from WA for it). We left for our honeymoon the very next day and was back to enjoy a picnic reception. It was exactly the way we wanted it. I found a eyelet lace dress at a thrift store for $20 and scarf to match at a super discount and it was good. We haven't totaled what we spent but I don't think it was more than $2000 for everything. Our goal is to live lightly so that we can have more adventures.

I'm still hoping to have my house paid off by 8/2019 but the current renter has put in her notice. I'm thinking of switching management companies. RW waited a week to respond to my questions about what to do with the tenant who is leaving...that's really slow but they sure figure out a way to be really responsive about working with me to put someone new in, I think I was contacted by two people to do that. I also haven't heard back yet about the "random" inspection.

I'm still reading even when I rarely post.