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April 14th, 2019 at 09:10 am

So normally we would have gotten our taxes done in March during my spring break but apparently we were a bit delayed making our appointment. I'm glad that we finally got the taxes done with a small refund. What we also learned was because we moved back to the house that we had rented for the last 3 years, we would have to live there for FIVE years not 2 like we originally thought**. Now we want to leave ASAP. The market is HOT and we're probably going to have a hard time finding something because our price point is going super fast and usually $5-10k above asking price due to market. We need to pack so we can move. We have a trip planned mid-May and once we're back we're kicking it into high gear. There's quite a bit of stuff that we need to go through and figure how what to get rid of and etc. The biggest challenge that I have to deal with is navigating getting rid of my Dad's partially restored truck. He's been gone for almost 12 years and it's been in my garage since before his death. I don't know how to get it gone and my dream would be for someone to buy it and restore it and sharing pictures of it but I doubt I can find it. It's not a fancy truck and very niche. My siblings need to help and if they don't, it's possible it will be scrapped.

We meet with the realtor on Tuesday and we should know more.

**We have heard from dearly concerned friends that we should double check this but I expect it's true.

Sights on the future

April 1st, 2019 at 10:08 am

We're looking forward to our move. We discovered that to avoid capital gains tax, we can't sell the house we're currently in until end of April 2020. We're so ready to move. The market is crazy where we want to move towards but we have an idea of what we want. I think 9/2019 we're going to get pre-qualified which won't be a problem. We have no debt and can probably come up with 20% down payment. I'm guessing an ARM should be fine because our plan would be to buy in October or November and close in December or January. Do a slow move in Feb or March with the house put on the market by March and then sold and close by end of April. That's my hope. I hope that buying something in the slow period and selling at the start of the high market will allow us to benefit.

Anyone have any thoughts about that? Know any special tricks or finance vehicles? Our current home is paid off and we're trying to stay in the same budget but with realtor fees and closing costs, that might be a bit tough. We'll see depending on what we buy and where we can sell at...

We've put up our small travel trailer for sell. Lots of interest in the less than 24 hours but we'll see how many actually come an look at it. After that, it's a partially restored mid 30s Ford Farm truck. I need that OUT of my garage. It was my Dad's project and he's been gone 10+ years but it's still painful to deal with. I wish a really nice person would come along. Cross your fingers as we deal with that.