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May 28th, 2019 at 03:32 pm

We've made attempts at purchasing but so far we've not had good luck. News reports say our current housing market is like Denver or Seattle. Many empty nesters are selling their family homes and buying townhouses which are on short supply.

We've made the decision to pack up most of our stuff in a storage container and sell our house. Thankfully my father's project truck has been sold. We were on a previously planned vacation but now we're back in full steam ahead. We'll empty the house and live minimally until it closes. We will live at the cabin (85 mile one way)while I'm working the lighter summer schedule. Month to month efficiency apartment until we find something. If we buy after we have sold our house, we can do a cash offer and hopefully have less competition after school starts back up.

We've sourced free boxes, used moving blankets and priced other packing supplies. What an adventure and amazingly my spouse and I are doing well despite the stress.