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work your network

July 8th, 2019 at 09:43 am

Mid-May we were able to see a townhouse in an area we wanted to live before it went on the market. I learned about this unit through a coworker of mine who lives in the save development. We heard they wanted a just a certain amount and so we checked it out. It was still a work in progress and there were parts that were great but some not so much. We struggled and decided not to put in an offer, plus the agent who the owner directed us to said that it was $5-15K above what we heard it was going for. I was nervous because it was ok but not quite there. Also the lower level didn't have any way out of the basement except for stairs so we couldn't use it for a guest sleeping space because I worry about a fire.

A week later we went to go see another one that wasn't on the market in the same development and we both LOVED it. It had the no carpet(allergies) that we were looking for and the lower level was a walk out which also overlooked a creek. It was beautiful and simple not too overdone (so much trending gray). We asked them what it would take for us to buy it and they gave us a figure that was higher than the first one we looked at. We just said YES. And so we close 9/4. They are selling it by owner and because they have lived there 21 years and already have their winter home in AZ and their summer home up in the woods, they are leaving some really lovely furniture for us, like multiple bookshelves.

All our energy went into packing and storage to get our house on the market. So last Wednesday 7/3 our house had it's first showings and last night we accepted an offer. It was $5k above asking price but we are also paying closing costs for the buyer so it all evens out. The close date on that is 9/9 which will give us time to get the rest of our stuff out of the old house.

I also turned 50 so my spouse had a surprise birthday party for me on Saturday. It was very lovely.

It just doesn't get better than this!