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Big Sigh

December 19th, 2018 at 08:30 am

This has been a very busy semester. I'm glad it's almost over.

We just completed buying out my sisters of our Dad's cabin. It got a bit sticky towards the end but it's done. I've got a few days left of work before a couple of weeks time off. We've figured out the schedule which includes a week at the cabin but a couple of days in a hotel for swimming and etc. We're going to spend some time with my sister. It will be good to relax.

I also got some unpleasant news, recent diagnosis of just over the end of type 2 diabetes. I know that it's likely my destiny because my Father and younger sister had/have type 1 and my mother and maternal grandmother had/have type 2. I'm too young. I've done some research and I'm planning to reverse it. I've gone completely off added sugar even though it's hard to avoid as it's in everything. I'm looking into taking potato starch and something called berberine. I haven't lost as much weight as I had hoped to do but it's only been about 6 weeks. As soon as we're back into the cities, we hope to have an elliptical and get moving more. I'm trying to move as much as I can before that. We had two hikes last weekend and plans for more during winter break.

We bought tickets for a May trip to AZ, bringing my mother and perhaps my son and his GF will come and visit when we're there too.

Not much spending for Christmas but some. I hope this time of year is bright for all of you.

5 Responses to “Big Sigh”

  1. Dido Says:

    I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but glad you are using it as a prompt to take back control over your health.

    I'm going to be trying something called the "potato hack" (there's a $6 kindle book by that name over on amazon)--I heard about it after seeing a video on you-tube on how Penn Jillette (the magician) lost over 100 pounds. Potatoes are high in resistant starch which helps reset your microbiome, high in satiety, and have a well-rounded nutritional profile. Eating just potatoes for a few days can also help re-set your palate to help make it easier to eat plain whole foods, since the food industry gets us addicted to prepared foods by the addition of all the unnecessary sugar, salt, and fat.

    Good luck with your health plan and merry Christmas!

  2. crazyliblady Says:

    If you like to put sugar in coffee, etc., look into stevia. Don't use the Truvia brand, though, as I think it has sugar in it. I am not diabetic, but also eat an almost no sugar diet and use Sweetleaf brand stevia. It has no sugar or carbs. You can buy it in some grocery stores, health food stores, etc. https://sweetleaf.com/

  3. crazyliblady Says:

    Also, I like to substitue other things for potatoes because they are so high carb. For mashed potatoes, I often combine potatoes and cauliflower or turnips. I also use cauliflower rice.

  4. Homebody Says:

    My father and older brother are type 2, my mom was just diagnosed at age 89 (all her siblings have/had it), so I know it is in my genes, which is why I eat as low carb as possible. I do like treats and use Swerve or Truvia which is Stevia and no sugar. You can get a mix, but I have the no sugar Truvia, brown sugar is great and I got it super cheap at our Grocery Outlet.

    I have a recipe for low carb bread and muffins and cookies too. I make my own chocolate chips with Swerve confectioner's sugar and dark unsweetened chocolate. I bough little molds for chocolate chips on Amazon. They are really good! and so much cheaper than Lily's no sugar chocolate chips.

  5. Elizabeth Clayton Says:

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